Throwback: January 2017

Dad never buys me churros. When he does buy a churro, it’s for himself.
A crush is basically when you’re in a relationship with a person, but they don’t know that they’re in a relationship with you.
Oh then I kind of have a crush with Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Mother daughter lockets. I would like that, for me and you.
Tea party, buying me earrings, “I’ll always share me gift cards with you, Ashley.”
Loves me so much.
I have to tell you how much I love you, because soon, I’ll be a gremlin.
I want to live with you and daddy late into my twenties.
Oh tegan, that is so sweet.
What why, why couldn’t I ??
Because you’ll be 20, and I’ll be like but Tegan remember when you were 10 and you promised your dad and me that you would still live with us, and you’ll be like please get out of my car now.
And also you promised that we would choose your husband!

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