The Beach : A Checklist

Summer, which means going to the beach.
~Umbrella (Small, Large, or Canopy-Sized)
~Towels (at least one for each person) and a Blanket
~Sunscreen (and face sunscreen)
~Water (freeze bottles 1/4 or 3/4 full for ice-cold water later but either way take water)
~Sunglasses (and a hat?)
~Book / Knitting (or other hanging out in the sand activity)
~Money (Phone)
~Change of Clothes & Sweater (don’t forget the underwear!)
Beach Toys : floats, boogie boards, skim boards, sand toys, smash ball, frisbee etc.
Good beach food
Turkey and Cheese roll ups
Beach basket
I love baskets. They’re especially well-suited for the sandy environment, and can be dried easily. They’re sturdy and fun.
Decorating baskets.
Towel options – Pinterest.

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