What happened between last October and Now?

Mainly, I was hired by the school district as a substitute teacher. That plus running the homeschool curriculum and instruction, and my own personal escapades – all blog-posting ceased!

It was still a wild ride, but I noticed this year has been the most settled.

Each year on my birthday, I look back and I look ahead.  Often each year has a theme.  And a great deal of conflict and adventure.

“What did I do this year?” I wondered to Chase one day in the car.

I grew a lot, became extremely more mentally and emotionally mature.  My drives for conflict and adventure settled evenly. There was a lot of family-life, tending to the heart and home of our family life, working, the entire homeschooling year, and just continuing to learn and to put into practice these experiences. I also finally built a foundation of friends in the area.  When I had moved here, to a town that used to be much smaller, where everyone still knows everyone from elementary school, and their parents, and all the houses anyone has ever lived in, it was difficult to even relate. I also grew significantly in my confidence and trust in Chase’s proclamations of the reality of a committed and “very long term” as he has called it relationship.  Partnership really. This and this guy is the real deal.

But, I still posted often to Instagram and Facebook, so it is easy to give accounts of what transpired between those times.  I’ll post as a series of throwback thursdays.


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