Lesson Planning

Here we are Friday using the e-mailed passes.  Had a great time viewing and learning about the art, the nice thing about classical art is that it’s generally child safe, as we learned after a quick trip around the small but fun San Diego Museum of Art, which currently has a vortex of halloween contemporary horror.  Explored European portraits, art that had been painted 1,500 years ago, carved guardians of Shinto Temples, 400 BC.
Had a homeschool lesson on sketching! She actually really loved it,

she was adorable.

Pleased with results of her first work, having just been taught a new technique, she signed her signature with surefooted pride, and offered me the opportunity to photograph her masterpiece with my phone, “use it for my background.”

Inline image 1
Anyway, can’t wait to go back !
Since October-Halloween theme is almost up, I get to now create November and with Balboa Park’s Art & History exhibits to use.  I’m already researching Shinto Architecture. I think that knitting should also be in the curriculum, and if she takes to it will be in season for wintry clothes.  I also really wanted to do Colonial Mexican art…







Bowers Museum Exhibit


September Unit Lessons: [Pixar in a Box] Computer Animation. [Geography Unit] Reading a Map, Latitude and Longitude, and Compass Directions. [Anasazi Unit] Research Project. [Reading Comprehension (L.A.)] [Grade 5 Math] [Piano Lessons] [Waldorf] [The Arts: The Lion King]

Field Trip: Tracking Wildlife

Main theme: History

October Unit Lessons: [Frankenstein, abridged version] Read aloud entire book, Cereal-Box Book Report, learning about Mary Shelley, Arts Crafts and Theater puppet production,  [(Boo! Guess Who) Women in Science],[Health/Science] Viruses & Germs. [Grade 5 Math] [Piano Lessons] [Waldorf] [The Arts: Balboa Park]

Field Trip: California Science Center

Main Theme: Reading Frankenstein and Women in Science


November Unit Lessons:

[Shinto Temples] Architecture, Dynasties, Beliefs

[Colonial Mexican Art] Guadalupe,


[Grade 5 Math]

[Piano Lessons]

Field Trip: Animatronics

Main Theme: Art

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