Homeschooling: Muahaha! I’ve figured it out.  

Homeschool was stressing me out, and I’m still alternating between feelings of accomplishment and unconditional love, and complete mortification.


Lesson Plans have proved to be excellent for sustaining a healthy routine through continuing shifts in our moods, behaviors, and schedules.


#1 Solution: Love and Goodwill. Only makes sense when it’s happening.  When I’m stressed and I want to murder my man, nothing of these words comes through.  Which leads us to


#2: Patience.  Keep working at the problem headed towards Love and Goodwill.  But accept that it takes time.  I like to remind myself not to rush!  And I do have to remind myself.


#3 – SELF-GRADED TESTS!  Of course!  So brilliantly perfect for our situation.  


The end of week exam is a review that reinforces built-in study skills (the notebooks), and causes a lot of comprehension to happen!  It also continues to teach reading comprehension, paying attention to detail, and exemplifies her grasp of each concept.


When she self-grades, by explaining her answers and then answering questions, we also get to go over concepts that she didn’t completely understand the first time around.



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