“Welcome Back” Tsum-Tsums

I had just spent the past 4 weeks in Florida. Chase was running around excitedly, readying everything in anticipation of my return. I was delighted to see the preparations that had been fussed over, but most surprised when Tegan presented me with a welcome back gift.  Their love for me was evident in the spectacle they made about my return. The gift was a pair of “tsum-tsums,” to add to the collection she had started for me that Christmas before.

It all started when a friend of Tegan’s dropped her off after an afternoon of playing.  They came into the BBQ joint we were eating at, and I complimented her friend on the tsum-tsum collection she carried around.  “They’re very cute!”  I saw Tegan’s face light up as she decided to get me tsum-tsums of my own.  That Christmas she gave me a Minnie & Mickey, and it was a gift I simply adored! Not only do I genuinely think they little toys are very cute, but also for the thought and affection that came along with it.  I also got to experience her adorable charade at the mall about “you go to the clothing stores and just have a look around, don’t mind the absence of Daddy and me, if it seems like we’re gone for a little while, I just have to use the bathroom.”

So welcome to the Tsum-Tsum collection, little Chip & Dale! They are currently hanging out on my desk 🙂


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